Can’t make it to Loggerhead Marinelife Center for a field trip?  We offer several outreach options so that your students can still learn about sea turtles and their role in the ecosystem and experience the work done here at our hospital.

Turtles to go!

Turtles to Go
Turtles to Go! allows teachers the ability to rent a ready-made sea turtle lesson plan for their classroom or school.  This experiential learning lab takes students on a quest through our sea turtle hospital and allows a class of 20 kids to double up and work on their own sea turtle “patient.”  

Each trunk will contain a set of sea turtle artifacts, a set of Junior Vet Lab supplies (model turtles, calipers, syringes, etc.), lesson plans, background information for teachers, and in-class activity sheets.  The lessons adhere to Sunshine State Standards for K-5. 

Teachers are able to pick up the trunks at Loggerhead Marinelife Center and borrow for one week.  In this time, multiple classes and teachers may use the materials.  This program is great to couple with a field trip or outreach from Loggerhead Marinelife Center and is also available to Girl Scout troops wishing to earn their “Girl Scouts Love Sea Turtles” patch. 

Cost: FREE for Title I schools; $35/week for non-Title I schools             

Target ages: K-5    

Maximum: 20 children (can be shared with other classes)

For questions or to make a reservation for your Turtles to Go! program, please contact:
Demi Fox, Outreach Coordinator
561-627-8280, ext. 107

virtual field trips

Loggerhead Marinelife Center now offers Virtual Field Trips for public, private, and home school classes around the world. With the use of Skype and a computer or tablet, students will be able to experience Loggerhead Marinelife Center virtually through the use of technology. Viewers will be able to see our sea turtle patients and hospital facility on their "tour," as well as learn the importance of ocean conservation. Virtual Field Trips run 45-60 minutes. 

Time: Weekdays 10:00am – 4:00pm, depending on availability

Cost: $65
Target ages: K-12
Maximum: One class or up to 30 students

Because the Virtual Field Trip uses the Skype application, teachers will have to create a free account to link with our tour guides. For a complete list of tech requirements, please contact the LMC education department. 

For questions or to make a reservation for your Virtual Field Trip, please contact:
Demi Fox, Outreach Coordinator
561-627-8280, ext. 107

Let Us Come to You

Outreach Classroom

Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s interactive presentations exude our passion for marine conservation and educational exploration.  If your group has an appetite for discovery, we would love to provide the fuel for their voyage beyond the books. Your educational journey will include information on Florida’s marine turtles in addition to hands-on investigation of sea turtle, shark, and other marine species artifacts. 

We are always happy to customize our outreach programs to suit your needs.  Please note: we cannot bring live turtles to your facility.

: $125 for one presentation and $100 for each additional presentation
Target ages: All
Outreach VanMaximum: One class or up to 30 students

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact:

Demi Fox, Outreach Coordinator
561-627-8280, ext. 107

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