Online Turtle Walk Registration Begins on May 1st

Please be sure to select YES in the "accept terms & conditions"
drop-down when registering.

* Terms & Conditions:

• There are no refunds for Turtle Walks (this includes not seeing a turtle and inclement weather).
• Children under 8 are not permitted on walks.
• We do not allow the use of flash photography or any photography (cell phones or digital cameras)
   that utilizes a lighted LCD screen.
• Flashlights are not permitted.
• Dark clothing is preferred and recommended as is bug spray and comfortable walking shoes.
• Participants must be able to walk up to half a mile on the sand (a beach wheelchair is available
   upon request but must be booked in advance and is subject to availability). 
   Contact for more information.
• Doors open at 9pm sharp and the program runs no later than 12am.  Length of program varies
   depending on if and when a turtle is spotted.
• If the date you wanted is booked and you want to take a chance, come to the center at 9pm and
   wait to see if other ticket holders do not show.  Walk-ins are a flat rate of $20.
   (We cannot guarantee your entire party will be able to be accommodated).

* When enrolling for multiple Turtle Walks, please only select one session below,
   then register separately for the other session. Be sure to hit the "next" button
   at the bottom of the page after making your selection.

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