2016 Guided Turtle Walks

Wednesday Through Saturday Evenings in June and July

Online registration for the 2016 season begins on May 2nd at 10:00am.

Turtle WalksA Turtle Walk is a unique program that allows our visitors to learn about, and observe, the nesting and egg-laying process of sea turtles.  Experienced Loggerhead Marinelife Center scouts will patrol our designated section of Juno Beach searching for sea turtles while visitors enjoy an informative presentation on the plight of sea turtles, and take an exclusive, behind-the-gate tour to meet our current sea turtle patients.  Once a loggerhead sea turtle is found and begins her egg-laying process, the group is then led down to the beach to witness this unforgettable experience.

Turtle Walks are $17 per person or $12 per person for our LMC members.  Walk-ins are a flat rate of $20, and a spot is not guaranteed.  All individuals, including children, are required to pre-register online to reserve their spot.  Children must be 8 years or older to attend the walks and all participants must be able to walk up to half a mile.

We can only accommodate 30 people per night and dates fill up quickly.  There is no relationship between sea turtle nesting activity and the phase of the moon, the weather, or the tides.  All scheduled Turtle Walk nights have the same odds of the group seeing a sea turtle nesting.  There are no refunds on tickets if a sea turtle is not spotted.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where do I go? 

What time should I arrive?

Can I bring my children?

What should I wear?

What if it’s raining?
What happens if I don’t see a sea turtle?

What are my chances to see a turtle?
How does the program work? 
How long is the program? 
Can I bring a flashlight?
Can I take pictures?
What if all the dates or the one I wanted are sold out?

 Turtle Walk Registration Dates:
Click date range to register.
 June 1st - 4th

 June 8th - 11th
 June 15th - 18th
 June 22nd - 25th

 June 29th - July 2nd

July 6th - 9th

July 13th - 16th
July 20th - 23rd
July 27th - 30th

Frequently Asked

Where do I go? 
For the night of the walk, you can walk into the front entrance of the center when we open our doors at 8:45pm and sign in at the desk.

What time should I arrive? 
Doors open 8:45pm and the presentation begins promptly at 9pm. Guests should arrive before this time. 

Can I bring my children? 
Sorry, but children under 8 are not permitted on walks.

What should I wear?
  Dark clothing is preferred and recommended as is bug spray and comfortable walking shoes.

What if it’s raining?  We run our program, rain or shine and only stay off the beach in case of lightning.  During this waiting period, guests will be onsite receiving their presentation.  We do not cancel the program due to inclement weather.  If the forecast calls for rain, we recommend guests wear raincoats or ponchos.  No umbrellas please.

What happens if I don’t see a sea turtle?
  Unfortunately, sea turtles do not carry iPhones to remind them of our walks so we cannot guarantee that one will come up the evening of your scheduled program.  We cannot offer refunds for any reason but all ticket sales directly benefit our center, its turtles and our mission.

What are my chances to see a turtle?  There is absolutely NO way to tell how lucky you will be on the night of your scheduled walk.  Sea turtles never RSVP and we have no way of knowing what the likelihood of seeing a turtle will be from night to night.  Juno beach, however is the densest nesting site for loggerhead sea turtles in the entire United States.

How does the program work?  Nesting is highest for loggerhead sea turtles in June and July.  During these months, we offer turtle walks to the public.  Once registered for an evening, visitors come to the center and receive a presentation, at which time our scouts are on the beach observing nesting behavior.  If they spot a loggerhead in her nesting process, they will radio to bring the group down to watch.

How long is the program?  There's no way to know exactly how long the program will take.  The length of the program really depends on when and if we get a turtle.  If we do get one, she can come up at any point in the evening.  If there is not turtle by midnight, we call it an evening.

Can I bring a flashlight?  Sorry, flashlights are not permitted.

Can I take pictures?  We do not allow the use of flash photography or any photography (cell phones or digital cameras) that utilizes a lighted LCD screen.

What if all the dates or the one I wanted are sold out?  If the date you wanted is booked and you want to take a chance, come to the center at 8:30pm and wait to see if other ticket holders do not show.  Walk-ins are a flat rate of $20 CASH ONLY. (We cannot guarantee your entire party will be able to be accommodated).


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