Species: Green sea turtle
(Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: January 9, 2018
Stranding Location: Stuart, FL

Initial Weight
: 16.72
Current Weight: 16.72

Issue: Buoyancy Issue & Debilitated
Current Condition: New patient


Uga is a juvenile green sea turtle that was found on the beach at Sailfish Point. There is air in the intestines causing the turtle to float slightly in the water. Bloodwork showed the turtle was hypoglycemic. Fluids with dextrose and antibiotics have been started. The turtle did eat well the first time it was placed in the water.


Sea_turtle_icon(green)This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


03/14/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green)

03/09/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green)

03/01/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) Uga’s white cell count is within normal limits. We are waiting for one more normal bloodwork before discontinuing all antibiotics.

02/23/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) The turtle’s white cell count is now almost within normal limits due to the recent change in medication.

02/14/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) The turtle’s white cell count was not declining, so one additional antibiotic has been started.

02/07/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green)

01/31/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) Uga’s white cell count seems to be responding well to treatment. The turtle’s appetite is improving.

01/25/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) 

01/17/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Uga is now able to dive and has a good appetite. Antibiotics are continuing.

01/10/17 – New patient