Species: Green sea turtle
(Chelonia mydas)

Arrival Date
: January 5, 2018
Stranding Location: Tequesta, FL

Initial Weight
Current Weight:

Issue: Boat Strike
Current Condition: New patient


Blade is a small juvenile green sea turtle. It was found by a boater near a marina in Tequesta. The turtle has major damage to the carapace and minor damage to the head from a boat propeller. The turtle is currently on V.A.C. therapy and has been dry docked during treatment. Antibiotics and fluids have also been administered.


Sea_turtle_icon(green)This turtle is progressing well and responding to therapy as desired.

Sea_turtle_icon(yellow)There is a minor issue that we are working to resolve.

Sea_turtle_icon(red)More details to follow.


02/14/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) Blade is now eating well and may be removed from the V.A.C. therapy in the next week.

02/07/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Blade is still not eating well.

01/31/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(green) Blade is continuing on V.A.C. therapy and is being placed in shallow water once daily to offer food. The turtle has finally started eating occasionally.

01/25/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Blade continues on VAC therapy with no significant change.

01/17/2018 – Sea_turtle_icon(yellow) Blade continues on VAC therapy and is dry-docked most of the time, except when it is taken out once a day and placed in the water to eat.

01/10/17 – New patient