Schools : Grades 9 – 12

Programs for students grades 9 – 12 are available all year long.

Field Trips welcome students to Loggerhead Marinelife Center for a one-hour Sea Turtle Exploration program. Each field trip program is comprised of three components including a classroom lesson on sea turtle biology, introduction to anthropogenic stressors on marine life and a comprehensive visit behind-the-gates of our outdoor sea turtle rehabilitation area. Lessons meet Sunshine State Standards for grades 9-12.

Cost: $5.00/student, $75 minimum
Capacity: Max 60 students.
Two sessions available each day to accommodate up to 120 students.

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Title One grant funding is available for qualifying schools.

Virtual Field Trips allow students around the world to experience Loggerhead Marinelife Center. Students will listen to a brief lesson on sea turtle ecology, get an up-close view of  each of our sea turtle patients, and have plenty of time at the end for questions.  No matter where the students are geographically, they can play a part in sea turtle conservation. The program runs between 30 and 45 minutes in length. Lessons adhere to Sunshine State Standards for grades 9-12.

Cost: $75.00
Capacity: Max 30 students.

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School Outreaches consist of a brief lesson on sea turtle ecology and conservation followed by an activity that best suits the needs of the class.  This could be a interactive activity, experiment or rescue simulation.  We are always happy to customize outreach programs and leave plenty of time at the end of the lesson for student questions.  Please note, we cannot bring any live turtles to outreaches.

Cost: $100.00
Capacity: Max 30 students.
Outreaches may consist of several 30-minute rotations to accommodate larger groups.

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Pier Field Trips welcome students to the Juno Beach Pier for a one-hour sea turtle-approved responsible angling experience. Students will receive an introductory lesson on responsible angling before enjoying free time to fish under the supervision of experienced LMC staff and volunteers. Lesson topics will cover common native species, sea turtle rescue, and proper catch and release techniques including handling and de-hooking.

Cost: $10.00/student
Capacity: Max 15 students.

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For more information or to schedule a program, please contact:
Education Administrator: 561-627-8280, ext. 119