Sea Turtle Patient - Snowflake

Sea Turtle Snowflake

Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
(Caretta caretta)

Arrival Date
: December 7, 2012
Stranding Location: Dennis, MA

Initial Weight
: 70.1 lbs.
Current Weight: 77.4 lbs.

Issue: Cold-stunned

Admission Note:

Snowflake is a sub-adult Loggerhead sea turtle that stranded in the Cape Cod area cold-stunned. The turtle was suffering from hypothermia and was transferred to LMC to receive long-term treatment as facilities in the New England area were over-capacity with other cold-stunned sea turtles. Snowflake will receive antibiotics and anti-fungal medication to help support the turtle’s suppressed immune system and a nutritious diet until healthy enough to be released in the spring.

Progress Notes:

2/20/2013 - We are happy to report that after successful rehabilitation at LMC, Snowflake was released today from the beach adjacent to our facility.

2/14/2013 - Snowflake is scheduled for release February 20th at 4:00pm at the beach adjacent to our facility.

2/7/2013 - Snowflake’s bloodwork has been reviewed and the turtle has been medically cleared for release. The release date will be decided over the next few days dependent upon weather and surf conditions.

1/30/2013 - Snowflake received flipper tags and a Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag, which is standard for all patients eligible for release. Bloodwork will be evaluated next week.

1/23/2013 - No changes have been made to the current treatment plan.

1/16/2013 - Snowflake is continuing to receive antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

1/9/2013 - Snowflake’s appetite has considerably improved. Due to a persistent white cell count elevation we have altered the medications and will recheck bloodwork in a few days. 

1/3/2013 - Snowflake has finally begun to eat small portions on its own without assistance. The turtle continues to receive antibiotic and antifungal treatment.

12/27/2012 - Snowflake’s appetite has gradually improved and the turtle is no longer receiving Vitamin B injections. Snowflake continues to receive antibiotics and antifungal treatments. 

12/19/2012 - Snowflake’s appetite has improved and the turtle is continuing to receive antibiotic and antifungal treatments.

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