School Field Trips

We incorporate grade-specific curriculum objectives into all of our field trips and outreach programs to meet Sunshine State Standards (K-12).

•    Monday through Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.

•    Cost: $5 per child for hour-long program (chaperones are free but donations are welcome
      and greatly appreciated).

•    Limited funding for Title One schools may be available upon request.

•    All programs are by reservation only.

•    Maximum of 60 students (Minimum 15 students).

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Our field trips offer an extensive education into the world of sea turtles.  The guides will discuss sea turtle behavior, morphology, habitats, nesting, etc. We are happy to tailor our field trips to fit your needs! Our education team will design a customized program for you. The following area highlights may be included in your field trip depending on circumstance, weather, and other factors. Each portion of your trip will last 20 minutes.

Exhibit Hall - in our exhibit hall, students discuss the natural history and ecology of sea turtles and their importance in Florida’s coastal ecosystems through hands-on, informative exhibits, which include a variety of native salt water aquaria and a replica of the Archelon - the largest turtle to ever live!

Learning Center - in the campus Learning Center, students focus on the anatomy and biology of sea turtles and other marine life. Through the hands-on use of artifacts and replicas, we explore the diversity of sea turtles and their unique marine adaptations.

Sea Turtle Yard - our sea turtle yard introduces students to environmental stewardship and provides an opportunity to observe veterinary professionals working in the field. At our discretion, students go behind barriers for an up-close experience with our sea turtle patients.

Please inform your field trip guide if your students want time to shop.
All proceeds from our gift store go directly to feeding and caring for the turtles! 

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