Sea Turtle Patient - Pederson

Sea Turtle Pederson

Species: Loggerhead Sea Turtle
(Caretta caretta)

Arrival Date
: September 21, 2013
Stranding Location: Juno Beach Fishing Pier, Juno Beach, Florida

Initial Weight
: 75.93 lbs.
Current Weight: 94.95 lbs.

Issue: Fisheries Interaction
Current Condition: Improving

Admission Note:

Pederson is a sub-adult Loggerhead that was hooked by a fisherman at the Juno Beach Pier.  The turtle arrived covered in barnacles, algae, and leeches. Two fishing hooks were removed from the turtles esophagus/stomach. The turtle will spend the first day or two in fresh water to eliminate the salt water parasites that were found upon arrival.

Progress Notes:

3/24/2014 - Pederson was released from Loggerhead Park.  The release went very well. View photos from the release on our Facebook page>>

3/17/2014 Pederson has been cleared and scheduled for release. Please check out our Facebook page for details about the release as the weather this week may change our release schedule.

3/10/2014 Pederson was moved out of “Big Blue” for easier access to the turtle. This animal is very near being able to be released. Once medically cleared, a release date can be determined.

3/3/2014 - Pederson has been doing very well in the “BIG BLUE” tank. Pederson is getting a lot of exercise and is still eating very well.

2/24/2014 - Pederson was moved to the “Big Blue” tank. There is lots of room and a slight current that encourages Pederson to swim around more. This turtle seems to be doing very well in the new tank. The shell will still be monitored weekly to determine how close this turtle is to being released.

2/17/2014 - Pederson’s shell was checked again this week. The shell is beginning to firm, however there are a few soft spots that need to harden before being considered for release. Pederson did receive a PIT tag and flipper tags on both front flippers. The turtle seems to be doing well.

2/3/2014 - The physical exam this week showed that Pederson’s carapace is still soft in several locations. The oral calcium supplements will be increased to help the shell harden. This turtle will be flipper tagged in the next few weeks. Once the shell is firm (may take several more weeks), this turtle should be ready for release.

1/27/2014 - Pederson’s bloodwork was re-evaluated this week. Pederson will continue receiving a calcium supplement until further evaluation.

1/20/2014 - Pederson’s bloodwork will be evaluated this week to determine if the treatment plan needs to be adjusted.

1/13/2014 - Pederson has been eating well and gaining weight. No changes have occurred this week.

1/6/2014 - Pederson will continue on the current antibiotic treatment until the white blood cell count decreases to a normal value.

12/30/2013 - No changes have been made to Pederson’s treatment plan. Bloodwork will done again after the antibiotics have time to take effect.

12/23/2013 - No changes have been made to Pederson’s treatment plan since the change of antibiotics last week. Pederson seems to be doing well.

12/16/2013 - Pederson’s white cell count is still slightly elevated. The antibiotics have been changed to help resolve any pending issues. This turtle is eating very well and behaving normally.

12/9/2013 - Atwell is doing well and continuing on medications until all issues are resolved.

11/25/2013 - No changes have occurred with Pederson. This animal is eating well and continuing to get stronger each week.

11/18/2013 - Pederson has not had any changes made to the current treatment plan. This animal is eating very well and is improving greatly each week.

11/11/2013 - Pederson received a second and final deworming treatment to help reduce or elimination the intestinal parasite (nematode) load. An additional antiparasitic will be given in one week to rid the turtle of another commonly overabundant intestinal parasite (blood flukes).

11/4/2013 - Pederson is doing well on the current treatment plan.

10/28/2013 - Pederson is continuing to eat well. This animal will stay on the same treatment plan.

10/21/2013 - No changes have been seen in Pederson’s behavior or appetite. This animal will continue to be monitored.

10/14/2013 - Pederson is eating very well. This turtle is gaining weight each week and continues to improve.

10/7/2013 - Pederson was only fed squid with beaks and pens removed as well as shrimp without shells for the first week. This was done to allow the hook wounds in the esophagus to heal. Pederson was eating very well during that time. Shrimp shells were reintroduced into the diet in the last few days, and no complications have been seen. 

9/30/2013 - The turtle began developing Chronic Loggerhead Syndrome prior to its capture but fortunately made it to LMC before the illness progressed. Bloodwork indicated the turtle is moderately anemic. Pederson is swimming, eating well, and will receive antibiotic and iron injections as prescribed.

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