Medical Facilities

The Gordon and Patricia Gray Veterinary Hospital

Tutrle hospital suiteThe Gordon and Patricia Gray veterinary Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital devoted to the care of sea turtles. LMC provides all the same veterinary diagnostic, medical treatment, and surgical services that you would find in the best veterinary hospitals. The hospital consists of a treatment room, a veterinary pharmacy, digital x-ray room, a surgical suite, and a necropsy room.

The treatment room is viewable through the hospital observation windows. Many of LMC's patient’s daily treatments will occur in this area. Within the treatment room we have a pharmacy which includes refrigeration and a secure storage unit that provides immediate access to all medications which may require for our patients.

Hospital Xray

The digital x-ray room is one of the first rooms sea turtle patients see.  X-rays are part of the initial assessment of the sea turtles when they arrive.  The x-rays help to identify any internal problems they may face such as fish hooks or pneumonia.

The surgical suite is where all sea turtle surgeries take place; in addition to any other procedure which may require sterilization.  The surgery suite is equipped with a stainless-steel surgery table, an anesthesia machine, along with standard surgical instruments. On occasion, some surgeries are open to public viewing through the observation windows.

The necropsy room is located outside across from the turtle yard. A necropsy provides gross and microscopic pathological examination of mortalities. Necropsies are at times open for public viewing.

Florida Power and Light Turtle Yard

Tutrle recovery yard

In addition to our hospital our medical facilities consist of the Florida Power and Light (FPL) Turtle Yard, The FPL Turtle Yard consists of ten tanks where our patients call home while they receive treatment at our facility. The turtle yard is open for public viewing during regular business hours. Within the Turtle Yard you will find our FPL web cam.  The live web cam, also known as the Turtle Cam, allows viewers to tune in and check out the progress of some of our sea turtle patients via the internet. 

M. Anita Mixon Food Preparation Room

Our food preparation room is the area where patient’s food is stored and prepared daily. Patients are fed according to their nutritional plan established by the veterinarian. The food room is equipped with a refrigerator, freezer, blender, knives and cutting boards.

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